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Wraparound Services Empower Self-sufficiency

Mamie with her daughterSHIM provides an array of services to help South Hills residents achieve self-sufficiency. From basic needs programs such as Food Pantries, Community Clothing Closet, and Utility Assistance to Youth Programs and Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC), SHIM is here to help all of our neighbors in need.

Mamie first contacted SHIM service coordinator, Toni, in September, when she needed assistance applying for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). After years in an unhealthy relationship, Toni helped Mamie leave her marriage safely, file for divorce, and receive child support for her two daughters, Nasi and Grace. If that wasn’t difficult enough, Mamie became infected with the corona virus a few months later. Thankfully, Mamie was approved right away for funds to help cover her mounting bills while she was unable to work. SHIM staff members delivered food, household supplies, and clothing from SHIM’s food pantries and Community Clothing Closet to her and her daughters during their quarantine. Following their recovery, Toni connected Mamie’s oldest daughter Grace with college financial aid resources, while Mamie’s younger daughter Nasi participated in SHIM’s daytime learning hub. Now that summer is here, Nasi is enrolled in SHIM’s summer camp, and the family is feeling more financially stable. Mamie is very appreciative of everything SHIM has done for her and her family.

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