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Violins of Hope Event

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Rachel White, Development and Communications Manager

Pittsburgh does a great job of bringing people together. We’re the city of bridges, and I think that includes both physical and spiritual bridges!

As we’ve worked together with the Violins of Hope Greater Pittsburgh, I have gotten to witness the power of music in connecting communities. From students to professionals, from the North Hills to the South Hills, Pittsburghers of all religious and cultural backgrounds are gathering in the spirit of unity.

The Violins of Hope exhibit is a collection of restored instruments that were played by Jewish musicians during the holocaust. They represent resilience and hope as lasting symbols from a time of injustice and suffering.

The value of this exhibit and the many performances being presented across the city are the connections being made. Performers are touching history when they play on these instruments that were once played by persecuted Jews. Through remembrance, we learn lessons about acceptance and peace. Peace requires active participation, and sharing the stories of these violins within our city allows us to collectively reflect on our responsibilities to maintain peace.

Especially as we hear about the tragic events in Israel, I am heartened to participate in events that bring diverse audiences together. Coming on November 13, we will be hosting an event that will include student readings, student performances, and music played by the renowned Clarion Quartet. WTAE News Anchor Shannon Perinne will emcee the event, which is free. Register for the event HERE.

I hope you will join me in gathering in the spirit of unity here in the South Hills!

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