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TELEO Performance: Partners through the Pandemic

TELEO Performance 2022We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the South Hills businesses who recently hosted donation and food drives. In November and December of 2022, businesses, community groups, schools, and congregations donated a collective 24,244 pounds of food to support neighbors in need. We want to give a shout out this month to TELEO Performance, who has collected more than 2,300 pounds of food and donated over $8,000 since 2020.

TELEO Performance is one of many South Hills businesses that take action to help their neighbors. While we purchase almost 80% of the food we distribute, the other 20% comes from neighbors like you. In 2022, individuals, community groups, congregations, and businesses donated 183,200 pounds of food! This generosity allows us to continue serving the record number of individuals coming to SHIM for food assistance. Now serving double the number of South Hills residents through our three food pantries than we did during pre-pandemic years, your donations have a huge impact.

“We were made aware of food insecurities at a very high and serious level during COVID… We saw this major need of food insecurity and asked the TELEO Performance Community to join us and we never looked back!”– John Dennis, Owner, TELEO Performance

We have been especially impressed with TELEO Performance’s ability to inspire their neighbors to take part in their collections. Despite restrictions and closures in 2020, TELEO Performance rallied their clients and employees to offer support to the many people suddenly in need as a result of the pandemic. This included 5,000 new individuals who turned to SHIM food pantries for help for the first time in 2020. After raising money to support SHIM by selling “Strong Together” shirts in 2020, TELEO Performance added a collection box for food and personal care items to their 2021 drive. They collected over 1,500 pounds of food matched with $1,800 to support the 2,900 individuals who were accessing SHIM food pantries each month. As inflation wreaked havoc on families in 2022, TELEO Performance stepped up again, raising $1,000 and collecting 800 pounds of food in support of our neighbors.

“We understand that service is what we are all here to do. If our gift or efforts serve 1 person we know that our impact equals making a difference… it is clear that the TELEO Performance community is making a difference in their community.”

We know the power that neighbors have when they take action to help one another. We’re grateful to TELEO Performance for helping us to build a community where everyone can thrive.

“Go and serve today and see the beauty, reward, and healing it not only brings to others but ourselves as well!”

Learn more about hosting a donation drive HERE.

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