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South Hills Interfaith Movement seeks donations of school supplies

Tribune-Review – South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) is looking for donations to help provide kids in the South Hills with the school supplies they need to have a successful school year. Thanks to a donation from CentiMark Corporation, SHIM will distribute more than 1,000 new backpacks to local students – but will need help filling the backpacks with back-to-school necessities.

SHIM’s 2018 Back-to-School drive helped a record-breaking 1,100 students head back to school with confidence, thanks to supplies provided by generous SHIM supporters. As suburban poverty is growing at a rate five times faster than urban poverty, affecting some 22% of South Hills families, SHIM is expecting increased demand at its annual drive.

There are multiple ways to help ensure kids in the South Hills are prepped with the tools required for a thriving school year – hosting a drive, making a donation or independently delivering school supplies directly to SHIM.

Here’s how you can help with donations by Aug. 2, 2019:

  1. Host a drive: visit SHIM’s website for resources to help set up your drive.
  2. Deliver school supplies directly to SHIM’s Bethel Park Office.
  3. Make a donation to the Back-to-School fund.

Not all school supplies are created equal; below are the most-needed items for this year’s Back-to-School drive. Please consider these options when making a donation:

  • Three-ring binders (1”, 1.5”, 2”)
  • 70-count spiral notebooks
  • Colored pencils
  • Earbuds/headphones
  • Markers
  • Glue sticks

Before the school year commences, SHIM will host three Back-to-School Celebration events where children from Baldwin-Whitehall, Bethel Park, Keystone Oaks, Mt. Lebanon, South Park and Upper St. Clair school districts will be able to pick up their new supplies, regardless of family income. More details on those events will be announced at a later date.

For questions about setting up a drive or making a donation, please reach out to Seth Dubin, director of development, at

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