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South Hills Interfaith Movement holds parade for After School students

Nature Cat with Terry MartinThe Almanac – In the PBS animated children’s show “Nature Cat,” the title character’s voice is provided by “Saturday Night Live” veteran Taran Killam.

Whether it was he or someone else who donned a Nature Cat costume for South Hills Interfaith Movement’s After School parade, the youngsters along the way enjoyed seeing the exploration-minded feline.

WQED-TV provided Fred – Nature Cat’s actual name on the show, perhaps with a nod to a certain PBS host of the past – for the celebration, organized by staff members of SHIM’s After School program for the 75 students who have been unable to attend activities because of COVID-19.

The program offers support that they might not receive from their foreign-born parents to students in kindergarten through fifth grade at W.R. Paynter Elementary School. Under normal circumstances, students have access to one-on-one homework assistance, study weekly themed lessons, complete various activities, and enjoy fun opportunities such as movie days, pizza parties and outdoor games.

During the parade, conducted with social distancing and other safety measures, students received “After School kits” that include books, activity books, crayons, Frisbees, bubbles, bandanas, posters and various food items.

SHIM, which has its headquarter in Bethel Park, is a human services organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in need across the South Hills. For more information, visit

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