Senior Support

SHIM serves seniors through CheckMates and food pantry programs.


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SHIM’s CheckMates program, a program of AgeWell Pittsburgh, supports isolated seniors by connecting them with a caring volunteer. Each senior receives a weekly call from a volunteer giving them the opportunity to share any concerns or needs and enables them to connect in an otherwise isolated setting.

Would you like a weekly call?

Contact Mary Amatangelo at 412-854-9120 ext. 116 or

CheckMates is designed to connect caring volunteers with local seniors who might live alone and sometimes feel isolated for a weekly, confidential phone call.

One senior call recipient is a man named Tom (name changed to respect his privacy). Tom is an 84-year-old retired veteran, with a son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren, that all live in California. Unfortunately, neither Tom nor his son can afford a plane ticket to see each other. Tom has seen pictures of his grandchildren, though he has never met the younger two in person. He was not very computer literate, so he had settled for weekly phone calls. That all changed when his CheckMates volunteer was introduced to him. Tom’s volunteer helped him navigate his way online! Facebook has become a daily activity, where he is finding old friends from the army and even tracking down an old girlfriend. While his list of friends is not extensive, his online connection to his son’s Facebook account has given him access to many more family pictures. Tom’s volunteer also taught him how to play words with friends on his cell phone, an activity he now shares with his eldest grand-daughter. Having something to do other than watch reruns of westerns has given Tom new energy. Tom is thrilled and has told his volunteer that she made all the difference in him feeling connected again. He is enjoying the phone calls from his volunteer and loving his online interactions with his family.

Food Assistance

Senior food boxes are available on a monthly basis for eligible seniors aged 60 and older.

Please contact Molly Penderville at or 412-854-9120 ext. 108 for more information.

Canned foods

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