Renovation Updates

We’re excited to be improving our facility to better serve you!

SHIM Center Bethel Park

Since 2020, SHIM’s service numbers have more than doubled. SHIM Center in Bethel Park has acted as the central hub for our basic needs operations since 2009. Over the past 13 years, we have identified several critical improvements required to enhance the facility’s accessibility and overall functionality. Despite some prior capital investments, such as roof replacement, parking lot upgrades, HVAC enhancements, and security system installation, the need for comprehensive improvements remains evident. In 2022, SHIM received a Gaming Economic Development Tourism Fund (GEDTF) grant of $370,000, which allowed us to address the long-standing concerns. These upgrades are essential to create a more inclusive and welcoming space, aligning with ADA compliance standards, and ultimately enabling us to better serve our community.

In alignment with our strategic plan, SHIM remains committed to adapting our programs to better serve the South Hills community. This commitment extends to our ongoing efforts at the SHIM Center renovations. We recognize that the renovation project is not only about enhancing our physical space but also about ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of our community.

This project involves reconfiguring 7,200 square feet of existing space to enhance client support services and office layouts. Additionally, a 350-square-foot addition at the lower level will provide an accessible entrance near the parking area, and a 360-square-foot elevator tower will be added to provide accessibility to both floors, which is currently lacking.

Another goal is consolidating staff offices on the upper level, relocating support staff to the lower level near the new entrance, and enhancing the food pantry and clothing shop for a better client experience. The project also includes replacing existing MEP systems for improved efficiency, enhancing thermal performance with a new wall system, adding borrowed lights to improve lighting in open office spaces, and creating a new conference room on the lower level for use by local community groups. The lower-level addition will feature a lobby and reception area conveniently located near accessible parking, as well as a new vestibule for energy-efficient entry.

We are open during construction!

As SHIM embarks on the transformative journey of the SHIM Center renovations, we are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining our vital programming throughout this construction phase. Our commitment to serving the South Hills community remains steadfast, and we are taking proactive measures to ensure that our community members seeking assistance or contributing to our mission have a safe and accessible experience. We have meticulously planned the construction process to minimize disruptions to our services, ensuring that our food pantries, support programs, and other essential services remain accessible to those in need.

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We are very thankful for support from local congregations and generous individual donors for this project.


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