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Nurturing Programs Help Children Thrive

Lori and Diana with IshtutiSHIM youth programs are in high demand and often have wait lists. The families involved feel cared for and children feel nurtured. Recently, Ishtuti, who graduated from Home Visits and the Early Childhood Program (ECP), came back to see her teachers. She missed having home visits and constantly asked to see Diana, ECP’s lead teacher. To help her stay connected with SHIM’s programs and staff, Lori, SHIM’s Family Development Specialist, enrolled her in SHIM summer camp with her beloved teacher Diana.

One of the benefits of SHIM’s comprehensive programs is their ability to holistically support families. As foreign-born families grapple with parenthood in a new country, they attend our Nurturing Parenting classes to learn child-rearing skills. At the same time, those enrolled in Home Visits receive individualized lessons and child development screenings, helping them to identify areas where their children may need extra support. Especially geared towards foreign-born families, this program helps new parents as they work to provide the love and support their children need to thrive. Through fun hands-on activities and patient respectful conversations, Family Development Specialists provide guidance and resources to help parents during the first few years of their child’s life.

As parents work to provide better lives for their children, Family Development Specialists empower them to meet their goals. Speaking about one mom who recently participated in Nurturing Parenting classes and Home Visits, SHIM’s Family Development Specialist Lori Marinescu said “I’m really proud of her. I could see that she’s learning… It’s nice to see that she’s getting those [parenting] skills!”

Parents learn skills and feel like SHIM is there for them when they need guidance. They feel empowered and share their knowledge with friends and family, widening the impact of these nurturing programs.

“It’s great when the support the agency gets can help people in different ways… they can learn skills and build on those skills to become more self-sufficient.” Lori Marinescu

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