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Nurturing Parenting Participants Love Learning

NP mom at Phipps 2023Moms in our Nurturing Parenting class learn so many important skills. From establishing routines to explaining consequences, these moms are committed to becoming the best parents they can be. While the class is open to moms and dads, most participants are moms from the refugee and immigrant community.

Many of these moms expressed feeling lost when they became parents. Raised in cultures where family members help and get involved immediately after babies are born, these women lack the support network in America, and in turn, feel isolated and unsure of what to do.

Sashi from Nepal said that she felt isolated after her daughter was born. The first time she needed to give her daughter a bath, she had no idea what to do. She covered the baby in water which made her daughter extremely upset and left her feeling overwhelmed. Sashi was excited to learn about SHIM’s Nurturing Parenting class. Learning skills and talking to other moms gave her ideas and confidence. She learned patience, consistency, and appreciated getting a respite from caring for her daughter while attending class, thanks to the free childcare SHIM provides to participants.

“Parenting is a process. I learn a lot, even from the other parents taking the class.”

Hta from Burma learned to tell the truth and to be consistent with her son. She discovered the importance of offering choices and providing reasons to help her son develop good behavior. Hta also learned to communicate the consequences to him to help him understand her expectations. She shared these lessons with her partner, to help him become a better parent as well.

Tun from Burma became a mom in a new country and felt like she didn’t know what to do at all.

“I used to yell at my baby. It’s what I knew from my childhood. I didn’t know it was bad.”NP group photo 2023

Tun would give in to her son’s desires whenever he cried, thinking that she was doing the right thing. In the Nurturing Parenting class, she learned when to ignore his cries and to set boundaries. She is thankful for all that she has learned in the class.

Parenting is difficult, and even SHIM’s Fatherhood Program Coordinator Netra, who teaches one of the Nurturing Parenting classes, said he learns from his students. For instance, he talked about struggling to get all three of his kids dressed in time for school each morning. When a mom in his class suggested that the kids pick out their clothes the night before, Netra was thrilled to have a solution to his problem.

Other moms expressed gratitude for learning how to control electronics use, knowing the importance of self-care, and involving their partners in nurturing practices they’ve learned.

“We have learned a lot, how to care for the children and how to handle them. We learned how to parent in difficult situations and be calm.”

NP mom at phipps 2023What’s clear is that every new parent must overcome many challenges, but having a supportive network of other new parents, the resources to implement, and an openness to learn is the key to success.

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