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Meet Stacey- Board Member, Donor, and Volunteer

Stacey on slide with ECP kidsOne of the best things about SHIM supporters is their dedication to improving the lives of their neighbors. Our inclusive environment often inspires supporters to feel better connected to their community. Some of our most generous friends give a combination of time, financial contributions, and talent.

Stacey Reibach has served on the SHIM Board of Directors since 2018. She enjoys her leadership role and being a passionate advocate for SHIM, but she wanted to give back in a different way by volunteering in SHIM’s Early Childhood Program (ECP).

Stacey is an active member of the Mt. Lebanon community and loves making a difference close to her home. She is passionate about SHIM because she feels compelled to help immigrant and refugee populations. At a time when hate and prejudice seem to be on the rise, Stacey wants to make sure that her newest neighbors feel welcomed and appreciated.

Growing up in South Georgia, Stacey pictured a career in accounting, but her leadership skills and desire to help others drew her to politics. After taking a break from her career to raise her children, Stacey joined the office of PA State Senator Matt Smith and worked for him until his departure. Stacey went on to work as district director for Senator Guy Reschenthaler and chief of staff for Senator Pam Iovino.

While it’s almost unheard of these days to work for politicians of opposite political parties, Stacey welcomed the opportunity. “Our job was to take care of all constituents.” Stacey’s patience and compassion allowed her to have meaningful conversations with the politicians she served, broadening their understanding of current issues.

Stacey and her husband Andy lived in several different cities while Andy completed his medical school, residency and his service in the Army. They were happy to land in Pittsburgh.

“It’s my favorite place we’ve ever lived. I love the people- it feels midwestern and you can travel easily to other nearby cities.”

Stacey and Andy originally settled in Peters Township then moved to Mt. Lebanon 17 years ago. She loves the diversity, both economic and cultural, and the walkability of the neighborhood. For five years Stacey has served on the Mt. Lebanon Economic Development Committee to help guide the neighborhood as it grows to meet community needs. As an active member of the Jewish community, Stacey is involved in her congregation, Beth El, and serves on the boards of Jewish Family and Community Services and Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens. Stacey is also involved with Relay for Life, chairing their luminary event.

As a SHIM board member, Stacey offers a unique perspective from her work in politics and her conversion to Judaism. She is thoughtful about SHIM’s role in the community, working with local community groups, congregations, and elected leaders to build a welcoming and inclusive community. Stacey and her husband also provide generous financial support to help South Hills neighbors. Since 2016, Stacey and Andy have donated to SHIM, trusting us as good stewards of their hard-earned dollars to power SHIM’s vital programs. They were generous supporters of our Do More Good Campaign, investing in SHIM’s ability to help neighbors now and into the future. Stacey helps to share SHIM’s work with her friends and family. She understands that the more people know about SHIM, the more they’ll want to get involved.

Recently, Stacey got even more involved with SHIM by becoming a volunteer in our Early Childhood Program (ECP). The enrolled children are from foreign-born families and lack some of the necessary supports needed to get ready for kindergarten. ECP’s lead teacher focuses on immersing students in English while teaching them foundational skills such as counting and identifying letters, colors, and shapes. ECP also helps students develop social and emotional skills, which is especially important for young students as they prepare to enter elementary school. Stacey loves working with the students.

“It just lights up my heart to see them.”

SHIM relies on volunteers like Stacey to support essential programs on tight budgets.

“Stacey has been wonderful with the children. I am thankful she is able to help us.”-Diana, ECP Lead Teacher

We are incredibly grateful for Stacey’s dedication to building a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, and we are proud to have her as part of our team of neighbors helping neighbors.

Want to get involved? Learn more about volunteering HERE.


          Stacey in classroom at ECP          Stacey at slide at ECP

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