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How to Support the Pittsburgh Community While Social Distancing

Made in PGH – We asked you on our Instagram account what content you’re looking for right now. So many of you asked how you can help the local community during this strange, difficult time. We’ve also been trying to figure out how to help out, and here’s what we’ve found so far:

Donate to your local food pantries.

Even more people are experiencing food insecurity, and they’ll be relying on food pantries more than ever. Which means that the resources the food pantries have will likely not be enough to meet the need. The best way to help is by donating money.

If you’re not sure where to donate, consider the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, or a more local food pantry like SHIM. The South Hills Interfaith Movement has three food pantries which, in 2019, provided more than 500,000 pounds of food to more than 3,500 people, 35% of which were children. They adjusted their Sack Hunger event and are now hosting a #RestockOurPantry instead. Click here to donate.

Another way to get involved is through 412 Food Rescue. They’re helping food retailers give food that would otherwise be thrown away to people who need it. If you had to cancel an event but will receive the food anyway, 412 Food Rescue can help redistribute it.

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