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From Turkey to Pittsburgh- Part 1

Enise close upPittsburgh has seen a large increase of immigrants moving to the city over the last decade. The Latino population grew by 80% in Allegheny County and the Asian population grew 47.3% according to 2020 census data. Here in the South Hills, the Asian population grew by 477% from 2010-2020, highlighting the growing number of immigrants calling South Hills neighborhoods home.

Since the early 2000s, SHIM has been helping refugees and immigrants thrive here in the South Hills. We understand the challenges that come along with having to leave your home country to find a better life for your family. SHIM has grown to build vital programs to help families become self-sufficient. Along the way, we love getting to know the cultures and traditions of our newest neighbors.

One special woman, Enise, moved to the United States in 2006. After her husband traveled to Pittsburgh for work, he decided to bring the family. Enise and her four-year-old son joined him in McKeesport, where they stayed with friends for 10 days while looking for somewhere to live. They found a home to rent and began their new life.

Transitioning to the United States was difficult for Enise, as she didn’t speak the language and didn’t have a car. Normally outgoing and sociable, Enise felt isolated and spent many days feeling sad and lost.

“I was not comfortable… It was really hard times until I met my friend working at the SHIM Family Center.”

Everything changed when Enise met a friend who was working at SHIM. Her friend invited her to come to SHIM’s South Hills Family Center, where she described “all the cultures are together, people are struggling together and helping each other together.”

Stay tuned to learn how Enise’s involvement at SHIM inspired her to learn English and follow her dreams in Part 2 in July’s newsletter! Sign up for the newsletter HERE.

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