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Former Youth Mentoring Student Graduates from College

Hser Mular DohA Youth Mentoring student from past years, Hser Mular Doh, graduated last weekend with a Bachelor’s degree from Carlow University. Hser Mular Doh is the first person from her family to attend and graduate from college.

Hser Mular Doh, otherwise known as Sam, is the second oldest child of six. Her family is very involved with SHIM, participating in Early Childhood Program, After School, Youth Mentoring, Family Group, home visiting, food pantry, and more. Sam attended SHIM’s Youth Mentoring program in 6th-12th grades and worked as a counselor at SHIM’s preschool summer camp, where she realized that she was interested in Early Childhood Education.

With help from her mentors at SHIM, Sam applied to CCAC and received financial aid to start her studies. After two years at CCAC, SHIM staff and mentors helped her to transfer to Carlow University, where she finished her studies. Sam is motivated to become a teacher, possibly even an English as a Second Languge (ESL) teacher for young students who are new to the United States. She wants to help these students because she remembers what she went through and would love to support others who are in a similar situation.

Several years ago, SHIM staff brought Sam and a few of her friends to see their mentor, Miss Erica, graduate from grad school. This year Sam was the graduate, and SHIM staff and mentors were there to cheer her on. Her mentors and SHIM’s Youth Mentoring Coordinator were honored to support her throughout her educational endeavors and are looking forward to supporting her future successes.

“She will be an influential person in the lives of young people as she begins her professional journey!”- Susie Backscheider, Youth Mentoring Coordinator

Young Hser Mulah Doh Sam as counselor High school graduate Sam

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