Through a variety of financial assistance programs, SHIM helps individuals solve problems, set future goals, and achieve financial wellness.

Mamie with her daughter
As a Smart Investments partner, SHIM distributed $27,944 to 23 women facing crisis.

SHIM service coordinators work with individuals to build financially healthy households.

Through partnerships with Allegheny County Department of Human Services, United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Dollar Energy, SHIM provides emergency funding to neighbors in crisis.

In partnership with Allegheny County Department of Human Services, SHIM also provided Emergency Rent Relief funds to neighbors facing housing instabilities. Thanks to the comprehensive nature of SHIM’s holistic programs, hundreds of households received funding to help them safely stay in their homes and keep their lights on.

SHIM serves 1,900 individuals with case management and financial assistance each year. During the pandemic, call volume increased 80%, and SHIM hired two additional staff members to assist the growing number of neighbors seeking help. As South Hills residents begin to recover from economic hardship caused by the pandemic, SHIM remains committed to helping neighbors navigate resources to get them back on their feet.

Last year SHIM distributed $75,446 in COVID-19 relief funding to 123 individuals. SHIM also facilitated the distribution of $7,150 in financial assistance to 36 neighbors through Client Assistance Program (CAP) and Alcosan, and $101,347 in Dollar Energy hardship grants to 250 neighbors.

SHIM envisions a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Comprehensive programs that address employment, transportation, and financial literacy empower neighbors to become self-sufficient.
Steps to Success

Service coordinators help Steps to Success participants identify financial and employment goals. This includes education and training goals to help individuals on their paths towards establishing higher earning households. Individuals also gain access to resources related to childcare costs and other employment barriers. This new program launched at SHIM in 2021, and we are excited to be offering these new resources to our neighbors!

Transportation Assistance

Transportation Assistance Community Initiative, a program in partnership with North Hills Community Outreach, provides assistance to low-income families living in northern and southern Allegheny County in immediate need of transportation to get to employment opportunities or career/vocational training.


SHIM, in partnership with JFCS Career Development Center, provides holistic career counseling and support to reduce barriers for residents of Allegheny County. WorkAble is a free service for those who qualify. Career consultants work with clients one-on-one to help build resumes, conduct job searches, develop strong interview skills, learn to network, get the most out of LinkedIn and more. We provide job search champions to support and encourage clients every step of the way!

Tax Help

SHIM helps connect neighbors to United Way’s Free Tax Prep program. SHIM also works with Just Harvest to provide tax preparation for low income households with a focus on providing services to immigrant and refugee families living in the greater Pittsburgh region.

Learn more about the impact of SHIM programs in our 2020 Impact Report.