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Family Volunteering at SHIM

Flinns Family Volunteer nightSHIM loves when neighbors of all ages help! At Family Volunteer Events, children and their parents learn about the important work SHIM does in the community. SHIM works hard to bring together diverse neighbors to build a community where everyone can thrive. By involving kids and their families in volunteer activities, SHIM helps parents talk to their kids about need in the community. While suburban poverty tends to stay hidden, SHIM works to shed light about the critical needs of our neighbors.

Once families have settled into the pantry, the fun begins. Kids get to help by packing beans, rice, and lentils into bags for future food pantry distributions. This hands-on activity gives families an opportunity to work as a team to help their neighbors. SHIM’s next Family Volunteer event will take place December 2 from 5-7pm at our Bethel Park location. This event is full, but stay tuned to our Facebook page for future events.

We’re full of gratitude for the families who step up to help their neighbors!

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