Give a child an opportunity for high-quality pre-k and earn a tax credit? Win-win

Put PA’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program to work for you and young children at SHIM.

If you own a business that pays Pennsylvania taxes, you may be eligible to receive a 75%-90% tax credit by contributing to SHIM through the state’s EITC program.

Your contribution to SHIM provides scholarships to qualifying low- and middle- income children to attend one of two high-quality pre-k programs- the SHIM Early Childhood Program or Tender Care Learning Center in Bethel Park.

Since high-quality pre-k sets the stage for lifelong learning and success, you’re making an impact that lasts a lifetime.

The ABC’s of EITC for SHIM’s Pre-K Scholarships

Business applicants who have fulfilled their two-year commitment and wish to reapply this fiscal year to renew their two-year commitment and businesses in the middle of their two-year commitment may reapply beginning May 15. Since applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, we encourage you to get your application in early!

All other businesses including initial applicants and those applicants wishing to submit an additional application on top of their previously submitted two-year commitment may start applying July 2.


Determine the amount of state tax liability that could be offset by EITC credits (ask an accountant if unsure).


Once an amount has been determined, submit your online application to obtain credits on July 1 if you already use EITC, or on May 15 if you are reapplying.

One-year commitments allow businesses to receive tax credit for 75% of their contribution.

Two year commitments allow businesses to receive tax credit for 90% of their contribution.


Businesses will receive notification of how many credits are awarded, and then have 60 days to make a donation to SHIM.

Categories of organizations are Educational Improvement Organizations, Scholarship Organizations, and Pre-K Scholarship Organizations. SHIM is a Pre-K Scholarship Organization.


After receiving a donation acknowledgement, businesses have 90 days to forward it to the PA Department of Economic and Community Development (DCED).


Contact Seth Dubin, SHIM Director of Development via phone 412-854-9120 ext. 109 or email

Learn more about the impact EITC funding has on SHIM’s Early Childhood Program: