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Charlotte’s Story

CharlotteOne of SHIM’s CheckMates volunteers, Charlotte began calling Emma*—age 100—during the pandemic. They talk for about 90 minutes each week. Emma loves to share stories with Charlotte. Her life stories are filled with inspiration, and Charlotte enjoys hearing about her experiences.

Emma grew up in extreme poverty, remembering that her mother had to walk to the hospital to give birth to her sister because she couldn’t afford transportation. When she was ready for confirmation at her Methodist church, Emma approached her pastor and told him she couldn’t participate because she couldn’t afford a dress. The pastor bought her a dress, despite his own limited means. Charlotte feels that these types of experiences shaped Emma’s strong religious faith and positive outlook on life. Charlotte is also inspired by Emma’s desire to plan for the future, despite her limited means and her age.

“We’ve become friends and I dearly love her… I just love talking to her. She has a wonderful laugh, and she laughs often.”– Charlotte Amatangelo, CheckMates Volunteer

Charlotte is a dedicated volunteer and uses her social work background to help guide conversations in positive directions, helping clients to feel less isolated. Speaking to several clients each week, Charlotte is making a difference in our community. We are thankful for her commitment to helping us build a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

“I want to contribute something worthwhile… It thrills me when I realize at the end of the conversation that the person is more relaxed and is thinking more positively.”

Interested in becoming a CheckMates volunteer? Contact Mary Amatangelo at

*Name changed to protect anonymity.

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