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Board Member Kiran talks Unity in the Community

Kiran Patil, board member Kiran joined the SHIM board in 2020, right as the pandemic hit our community. As a healthcare provider, he was eager to share his knowledge and expertise in any way he could.

Like many of the people we serve, Kiran emigrated to the United States. Although he was not fleeing violence—he came to do research on glaucoma—he shares the experience of navigating a new country. Kiran grew up in a small village in India and, after doing some work in New York City, decided to find a home where the community felt smaller and more connected. He came to Pittsburgh in 2014 to work at St. Clair Hospital as a neurologist.

Kiran lives with his wife and two children in Upper St. Clair. He likes seeing how generous his local community is, especially when kids in his neighborhood do kind things for others. Being part of an accepting and nurturing community is important to Kiran.

“If we come together, we can do a lot of things.”

Kiran was drawn to SHIM’s interfaith roots. He enjoys studying texts from many different religions and is familiar with the bible even as he practices Hinduism. One of his favorite texts is Matthew 5-7’s Sermon on the Mount. Kiran is moved by the message to accept all people. He encourages his family and friends to withhold judgement and be accepting of others’ differences.

Dedicated to helping others in a variety of ways, Kiran is involved in several other organizations, most notably SEWA International. Through the Pittsburgh chapter, he has participated in telehealth initiatives to address COVID in India and traveled the world to help patients in other countries. Board group photo 2023

Locally, Kiran has partnered with the local Bhutanese community on initiatives including a health clinic at a South Hills temple. At the clinic, Kiran and his colleagues shared important information about healthy lifestyles and diseases. They also performed small check-ups and connected families to additional resources. Kiran has observed that

there is often undiagnosed alcoholism and depression within the immigrant and refugee community. He is deeply committed to raising awareness to ensure that those in need can access the help they require.

Kiran Patil, board member, with his wife and two childrenKiran sees his role on the board as an ambassador for SHIM. He spreads the word about SHIM programs and asks his neighbors to be proactive partners.

“It’s not a one-person job. Wonderful things happen when we come together.”

Kiran Patil, board member, with his wife and two childrenKiran loves the acceptance that SHIM exhibits, stemming from its roots as an interfaith organization.

As Kiran continues to look for ways to help his community, he has even shifted his career path to practice in an underserved community. After ten years with St. Clair Hospital, Kiran is at a new job in the Butler Hospital system. When he heard specialists were needed in this more rural area, he applied despite the one-hour commute.

We are inspired by board members like Kiran who show us the many ways in which we can help our neighbors. Want to get involved? Check out to find ways to help your South Hills neighbors!

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