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Becky Brown, After School Director

Becky Brown, After School DirectorSHIM is lucky to have dedicated staff members working tirelessly to improve the lives of their neighbors. One of these amazing staff members is Becky Brown, one of SHIM’s After School program directors.

Becky grew up in Whitehall, attending school in the Baldwin Whitehall School District. She now lives in South Baldwin with her husband and two daughters, who also attend Baldwin Whitehall schools. Becky loves living in the South Hills because of the people.

“Everywhere you turn, someone is willing to lend a helping hand to those in need!” – Becky Brown, After School Program Director

Becky began working at SHIM right after graduating from college. She immediately fell in love with SHIM’s mission and vision. Becky feels that her purpose is to serve others, and she feels blessed for the opportunity to have a job where she gets to help people every day.

“I recently got the opportunity to speak about how wonderful [the After School] children are. Many of our parents don’t often hear this and they really need to. I think they were touched and I was happy to deliver the good news.”

SHIM’s After School program serves 75 children in grades 1-5 Monday through Thursday during the school year. As the pandemic disrupted academic progress, After School provided resources and encouragement to keep kids on track. With daily homework help, snacks, and nurturing staff, students received crucial support. Close partnerships with Whitehall Public Library and Venture Outdoors allowed students to experience enriching STEM activities and exciting physical adventures.

The students that SHIM serves tend to engage with SHIM for most of their childhood, with many attending SHIM’s Early Childhood Program as preschoolers, moving into After School during elementary school and continuing through Youth Mentoring as teenagers. This consistent academic, social, and emotional support empowers kids to reach their full potential.

“If I could meet a donor, I would thank them. I would thank them for allowing me to do the work that I do every day. With their generosity, I am able to live out my purpose in life, serving others.”

SHIM works to help all neighbors, including kids, grow into healthy independent adults. SHIM is thankful to the Allegheny County Department of Human Services for its continued support of this vital program.

Learn more about SHIM’s youth programs here.

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