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Back to School Costs Up with Rising Inflation

Back to school boy 2021It’s not long until kids go back to school, and South Hills parents are feeling stressed. With inflation hitting record highs, school supply costs have been rising. In the last year, food costs have risen over 10%, gas prices over 100% and utilities over 30%. Even clothes and shoes are up 5%, which is a worrying trend for parents with growing children who will need new clothing this fall. According to CNBC over 60% of Americans are worried about their financial situations due to the effects of higher prices.

SHIM is gearing up to help more than 1,000 South Hills kids head back to school with confidence. With the cost of backpacks between $20-40 and necessary school supplies totaling over $50, many families are struggling to afford even the minimum amount of supplies needed to send kids back to school prepared. Last year, parents received stimulus checks to ease the financial burden. This year, prices are up but parents have spent the last several months paying higher prices for food and fuel. Unfortunately, they don’t have reserves to put towards back-to-school shopping.

Thank goodness the South Hills is full of good neighbors like you! SHIM has backpacks donated by Centimark Corporation, and is collecting school supplies to fill them for its upcoming Back to School distributions taking place in August. You can help by donating supplies, contributing financially, or volunteering at our distributions. While the economy continues to harm low-income households, neighbors like you have helped these families meet their basic needs and regain self-sufficiency.

Please consider helping again by donating today.

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