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Back in the classroom

Mentor helps students after school

While most learning happens in the classroom, what happens outside of the classroom can be just as important. Here at SHIM, our After School Program partners community volunteers with local kindergarten through fifth grade students to help them complete their homework, enjoy a snack and spend quality time together.

LuAnne McNickle, a Mt. Lebanon resident and retired math teacher, has volunteered with SHIM’s after school program for more than seven years and treasures every moment she spends with the bright young children.

Reminiscing about all of the students who have made an impact on LuAnne’s life, she fondly remembers a curious young man. “I remember once we had all the children chose a book they wanted to read and a second grade boy chose a science encyclopedia! Last I heard he was in tenth grade and wanted to be an astronaut,” LuAnne recalls.

From reading to math, when you take part in SHIM’s after school program you are more than a homework helper, you’re a role model. “If you want to be blessed, be an after school program volunteer for SHIM,” LuAnne reflects.

If you want to make a difference in a child’s life, volunteer for SHIM’s After School and Youth Mentoring Programs.

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