Neighbors helping neighbors

Thousands of our South Hills neighbors struggle with hunger, poverty and making a better life for their families. At the same time, just as many step up to help. This is the power of South Hills Interfaith Movement. Join the movement.

How can we help you?

Food & more

Food, clothing, and utility assistance.

You & your family

Support programs for children, families, and individuals.

Our community

Interfaith initiatives, community gardens and more.

Ways to help others

Join us to combat hunger and hopelessness with food, clothing, employment assistance, and a lift up to a better life.

Let's be social

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1 hour ago
The great neighbors at @MarcinakChiro are offering a FREE consolation, exam, and treatment to new patients who bring a donation of two nonperishable food items for SHIM. #GetCracking #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors SHIMpgh photo
1 day ago
Every Wednesday in September, our Youth Mentoring students attended a class led by @CenterOfLifePGH’s KRUNK Movement program:

Thanks to Center of Life and their talented teachers for helping us try something new. #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors #ThankYou
SHIMpgh photo
2 days ago
There's always something happening at the new SHIM Family Center!

We're hosting #FamilyYoga in October and November, and we're sure you won't want to miss the fun at our #NotSoSpooky Halloween party tomorrow.
SHIMpgh photo
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