Neighbors helping neighbors

Thousands of our South Hills neighbors struggle with hunger, poverty and making a better life for their families. At the same time, just as many step up to help. This is the power of South Hills Interfaith Movement. Join the movement.

How can we help you?

Food & more

Food, clothing, and utility assistance.

You & your family

Support programs for children, families, and individuals.

Our community

Interfaith initiatives, community gardens and more.

Ways to help others

Join us to combat hunger and hopelessness with food, clothing, employment assistance, and a lift up to a better life.

Together, we can do anything.

To say these are tough times is an understatement. But every difficult challenge we’ve undertaken, we’ve been able to accomplish because of you. Rather than face the continued increase in need with fear, we are unwavering with hope. Because in tough times, the South Hills comes together.

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Latest tweets

22 hours ago
ICYMI: @StClairHospital is helping SHIM's fresh produce offerings 'grow' through their rooftop garden: SHIMpgh photo
2 days ago
Nine members of Boy Scout Troop 262 collected 451 pounds of food and toiletries for SHIM. Through this gracious drive, the scouts received their Citizenship in the Community merit badge.

We give these boys a badge of gratitude! #TogetherInToughTimes #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors
SHIMpgh photo
3 days ago
Our Early Childhood Program (ECP) students had fun blowing bubbles, crafting and keeping active - while staying safe in the process!

A big thanks to Diana Hunsberger, SHIM's ECP teacher, for keeping the kiddos engaged and learning this summer.
SHIMpgh photo
4 days ago
Putting food on the table is harder than ever for many families in our community. That's why SHIM's three pantries are open with special safety measures.

Learn more and view the hours at #TogetherInToughTimes #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors
SHIMpgh photo
7 days ago
With wagon in hand, the Heitman family children collected over 1,000 pounds of food for SHIM. We are so grateful to the generosity of the Heitmans and their neighbors! #TogetherInToughTimes #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors SHIMpgh photo
1 week ago
We enjoyed coming together (virtually) as a community for yesterday's Celebrate the South Hills with SHIM @ home. You helped raise $140,222 for our community, and there is still time to donate!

Catch up on all the fun: #CelebrateTheSouthHills
1 week ago
And thank you to our Silver sponsors for their support: @COREDonateLife, @Gatewayengineer, @fortpittcapital, @TEDCObuilds, Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc., Mariani & Richards, and Chuck & Jill Brodbeck. #CelebrateTheSouthHills SHIMpgh photo
1 week ago
We are grateful to our Gold sponsors of #CelebrateTheSouthHills with SHIM @ home: @upmchealthplan, Eckenrode Real Estate, Rycon Construction, Inc., the Betler Family, Bethel Park Printing, Brentwood Bank, and Tom & Bonnie VanKirk. SHIMpgh photo

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