Achieving Self-Sufficiency

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One emergency can send a woman into financial turmoil.

SHIM’s Smart Investments is here to help.

A sudden layoff. An unexpected injury. An unforeseen accident.

Sometimes, a single life event can threaten a woman’s financial security and lead to utility shutoffs, lack of transportation to work, or even eviction.

SHIM’s Smart Investments provides small grants that are designed to assist working women overcome that single emergency event.

Can we help you with Smart Investments?

To qualify, women must have been financially self-sustaining prior to the emergency. This means she regularly paid all of her bills on time and had not been receiving public assistance benefits, and currently has secure income that will sustain the household moving forward, should the financial crisis be resolved with a Smart Investments grant.

A qualifying emergency event could be:

  • Company downsizes
  • Personal injury due to an accident that leads to income loss
  • Relocation due to domestic violence
  • Unexpected illness or extended time not covered by Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Please note the following situations disqualify a woman for Smart Investments:

  • Received public assistance programs prior to the emergency
  • DUI or overdose incidents
  • Overspending the budget
  • Poor investment choices resulting in financial loss
  • Being fired from a job
Getting started

If you have a single outstanding bill that prevents you from being financially self-sufficient, or is putting your household at risk (i.e., eviction or utility shut off notice, one-time medical bill, car repair), Smart Investments may be able to help.

Call 412-854-9120, select option 8, and leave a detailed message.  A member of our staff will return your call within three business days.

You will be asked the following questions:

  • Current Household income and income prior to the crisis
  • Specific information about the crisis
  • Your immediate need (car repair, security deposit, payment of a medical bill, etc.)

Smart Investments grants are paid directly to the vendor, so women must identify the particular need.

United for Women and initiative of United Way of Southwestern PA

Smart Investments is funded in part by the United for Women initiative of United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania.