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Two Cultures, One Me

Fifteen remarkable teenagers share their stories of culture, identity and resilience in this powerful exhibit made possible by The Sprout Fund's 100 Days of US. Through a special initiative of the Youth Mentoring Program at South Hills Interfaith Movement, these teens met with journalist Stephanie Hacke to find their voices. And then, they worked to tell their stories, culminating in an unforgettable day with Pittsburgh photographer Terry Clark.

Through the lens of these 15 teenagers, we experience the joy, sorrow, and beauty of their journeys. We hope you’ll join us and discover, just as these teens did, that there’s more that unites us than divides us.

"Living as a refugee was hard but my family and I overcame the struggles and are really grateful for the new life and infinite opportunities.”

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“When I’m with Nepalis, I feel too American. When I’m with Americans, I feel too Nepalese.”

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"I think the greatest lesson I have from my American life is that I have learned how to observe and think about a problem from a different angle, not just from the angle I was told to have. For me, that’s the first meaning of freedom."


If you would like to host Two Cultures, One Me in your gallery or space, contact Seth Dubin at or 412-854-9120, ext 109.