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South Hills Interfaith Movement
5301 Park Avenue
Bethel Park, PA  15102

Phone: 412.854.9120
Fax: 412.854.9123

SHIM Family Center
41 Macek Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Phone: 412.885.0284

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SHIM Center
(412) 854-9120

James Guffey  ext. 101
Executive Director

Courtney Macurak  ext. 103
Director of Programs

Linda R. Lewis  ext. 102
Director of Finance and Administration

Debi Dempsey ext. 106
Volunteer Manager

Molly Patterson  ext. 108
Senior Operations Coordinator

Becky Henninger  ext. 111
Community Garden Manager

Seth Dubin ext. 109
Development Manager

Corrie Yanko ext. 107
Service Coordinator

SHIM Family Center
(412) 885-0284

Courtney Macurak  ext. 300
Director of Programs

Casey B. Rich  ext. 315
Assistant Family Center Site Director

Lori Haller  ext. 360
Community Counselor

Loredana Marinescu  ext. 310
Lead Family Development Specialist

Lindsey Masterson  ext. 370
Family Development Specialist

Jinan Hassan  ext. 330
Community Liaison

Michelle King  ext. 345
ISAC Service Coordinator

Christina Van Patter  ext. 350
Advocacy & Community Program Coordinator

Susie Backscheider  ext. 340
Youth Mentoring Coordinator

Becky Brown
(412) 304-1592
Afterschool Program Director

Netra Kafley ext. 375
Family Development Specialist

Indira Pyakurel ext. 320
Community Liaison

Emily Grau ext. 380
ISAC Service Coordinator

Erin Murray ext. 325
Lead Early Childhood Teacher

Tulasa Rai ext. 325
Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

Where We Are

SHIM Center is located at the intersection of South Park Road and Park Ave. in Bethel Park, in close proximity to the T-station.

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Jobs at SHIM

Interested in joining the SHIM team?
Please contact Linda Lewis
412-854-9120 ext. 102

Director of Finance and Administration