Welcome to the South Hills Interfaith Movement: Neighbors helping neighbors

Right now in the South Hills, hidden in plain sight among our community’s beauty, are people struggling with poverty, hunger, and building a better life for their families. Which is why the South Hills Interfaith Movement invites you to join us and help our neighbors in need. Currently, we’re serving more than 4,000 of our neighbors. But there’s much more work to do.

Please join us to combat hunger and hopelessness with food, clothing, employment assistance, and a lift up to a better life.

What We Do

Meet Basic Needs

Food, Clothing and Utility Assistance Programs

Achieve Self-Sufficiency

Financial and Support Programs

Build Family & Community

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Send South Hills students back to school right

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Remake Learning Series

With support from The Sprout Fund, SHIM’s electronics class gives refugee students the opportunity to learn STEM skills that could open future doors.

Thanks to WQED’s Remake Learning series, funded by the Grable Foundation, for visiting our class and inspiring kids to keep learning.

Community children eating free lunch

Free meals available for children in the summer

POST-GAZETTE—Getting a free and nutritious lunch is something that many needy children can count on during the school year. In the summer, however, it can be a different story. In southwestern Pennsylvania, 43 percent of school-age children, or more than 139,000, are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches during the school year, according to the […]

Priyanka Neupane shows off her clothing from Nepal, Friday, June 24 during a fashion show rehearsal at SHIM's Prospect Park Family Center in Whitehall.

Whitehall refugees staging fashion show to share native cultures

TRIBLIVE —Daruka Nyuon strutted across the dreary, cluttered porch at her Whitehall housing complex in her vibrant purple, orange and green dashiki, a traditional African dress worn in her Sudanese homeland. As she flipped her hair to the side and let out a confident grin, her friends shouted with approval: “Oh, someone watches ‘America’s Next Top […]